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Founding of Brightshore

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After a failed rebellion against the oppressive rule of mage-families in their home-country of Vessar, Jacinta Savedra and Orrin Elegos fled, with the help of dragonborn Zdenko Ryll, who went against the orders of his superiors in aiding them. The three of them, along with a group of about 50 Vessari freedom fighters, then traveled the world, first out of fear of retaliation by the mage-families, and then out of a sense of adventure. During this time, they met Veil Silvershield, a mercenary leader who took a liking to Jacinta and joined up with the group.

After 5 years of wandering, only about 20 of the original Vessari freedom fighters remained. Jacinta received a vision from Ava directing her to sail beyond the infamous Fog. Tired of wandering, she convinced everyone to hire a ship and crew to make the journey. The total number of settlers in this first wave was about 40, and consisted of mostly stupidly brave and adventurous folk.

The tower that would come to be called Kintsugi Tower was spotted just after Jacinta went into labor, and she gave birth to her and Orrin's son on the ancient docks of Cathorn. About a year after their initial landing, the new settlers were approached by Forrest Skipriver, who helped them survive on the new continent.

As the settlement grew, the need for some sort of government did as well, and as Jacinta, Orrin, Zdenko, and Veil were already the defacto leaders of the colonists, they decided to form a Council, with the addition of Forrest.

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