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Veil Silvershield

Female dwarf (deceased)


Veil had curly brown hair, which she cut short to keep it out of the way. She had a wispy mustache and olive skin. She was lean and graceful, particularly for a dwarf, and her clothing was well-made. She was never without her twin shortswords if she could help it.


Veil was a firm but fair commanding officer, and generous with her coin. She was surprisingly charming and graceful, considering her position as Marshal.


Veil was originally a high-ranking officer in a mercenary force in Vessar. She joined Orrin and Jacinta's company shortly after they escaped from Vessar. Her signature twin blades were a gift from Jacinta, and she vowed to use them to protect Jacinta's son Marco.

Veil commanded Brightshore’s defensive garrison and worked with the Arbiter to train the local guards during the period of the First Council. She could commonly be found in one of the taverns in the Crossroads District when she was not in her office or apartments.


During the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, Veil went to aid her fellow councilmembers. The adventurers that went in to help her were unable to stop a mimic trap from consuming her.

Created by Rebecca.

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