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Jacinta Savedra

Female human cleric


Jacinta keeps her black hair in numerous braids, and has olive skin and freckles. She is quite tall for a human woman, standing at 6' 4“. She is 44 years old.


Jacinta is known around town for her compassion and zest for life.


Jacinta led the first settlers to Brightshore with her husband, Orrin Elegos. She and Orrin traveled together for several years before finally arriving and settling Brightshore. She is a cleric of Ava, and served as Archon, the colony’s religious leader, during the period of the First Council. The two of them have a son, Marco.

Although Jacinta's strongest connection is with the goddess of fire, she encourages respect for all the gods and can often be found in the Temple District. She trained the town's small group of midwives, and often held classes about anatomy and reproductive health.

During the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, Jacinta and Orrin vanished, reportedly into another plane.

Created by Rebecca.

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