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Temple District

Most of the first settlers agreed this location was almost too perfect to build their temples to the Four. A large, fire-damaged building, with an underground level that was roughly finished, dominated the area. The Olteus River was just a stone's throw away from the building, and between them was a large, open pavilion. It is believed that the fire-damaged building was previously a temple to other gods, and some were reluctant to disturb it for fear of retaliation, however, Archon Jacinta was determined to do so.

The first level of the fire-damaged building was converted to a shrine of Ava, while the underground level was designated a shrine to Unre. The pavilion now serves as a place to worship Menran, and along the river, work on the shrine to honor Olteus has recently finished.

The district is home to more than just the temples of the Four. Priests and acolytes live in nearby buildings, and one of the settlement's blacksmiths, Elric "One-Eye" Sweets, also keeps his shop in the area. Several of the buildings in the district appear to be residences.

Shrine of Olteus

The most recently finished of the four shrines, the Shrine to Olteus consists of a single long stone and wood building with three fountains and a beautifully maintained flower garden in front. Inside the building there are small rooms for study and discussion, as well as an infirmary for those seeking healing. The hexagonal central hall holds about two dozen benches for worshipers to sit on, along with a large circular pool of deep, clear sacred water. The shrine is managed by Waveguider Draco, a half-orc man.

Shrine of Ava

The exterior walls of the shrine to Ava still bear the marks of the fire that first destroyed the building, though it is perfectly sturdy. Large windows allow plenty of sunlight into the main worship hall, which holds six braziers that are always lit and dozens of carved stone benches. In the back of the building is a small art gallery, a reading area that connects to the library in the Shrine of Unre below, one large classroom, and a well-appointed kitchen that services all the shrines. The dwarven overseer of this shrine is Illuminator Ignatius.

Shrine of Menran

Menran's pavilion stretches between the shrines to Olteus and Ava/Unre. Ten carved stone pillars arranged in rows and with ropes tied between them at varying heights provide places for worshipers to tie streamers and flags and hang wind chimes. A simple altar stands in the middle of the pavilion atop a slightly raised dais, where speakers can address the congregants or performers can entertain them. A purple-skinned tiefling woman, Pathwalker Faith, keeps the pavilion clean and removes and replaces old streamers.

Shrine of Unre

Below the heat and bustle of the shrine of Ava, Unre's shrine provides a cool and quiet place to contemplate and remember. Work on expanding this shrine continues, but currently it holds a library for the colony's records which connects to a reading and study area in the shrine of Ava above, several meditation rooms, and the settlement's crypt. The worship hall is impressively large, rectangular and features the heavy use of a black and grey speckled stone in its design. Stonewatcher Zarath, a human woman, manages the shrine.

Bradford Estate

Malcolm Bradford's resplendent estate lies along the river and to the northwest of the Shrine of Menran. It is a three story, white marble building surrounded by tall wrought iron fence, and appears to have been constructed since the founding of the town. Inside the fence, there are a handful of small but well appointed gardens, though they are not open to tour without special appointment. Bradford makes frequent donations to the four shrines, as well as funds other arts and humanitarian causes, but despite these many acts of charity, some townsfolk resent the location of the estate and derisively refer to it as the Shrine of Bradford.

Sweets Smithy

Elric "One-Eye" Sweets owns and operates a smithy in the Temple District.

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