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Pronunciation: OON-ray

Primary Domains

Unre is the Goddess of Earth, Winter, Law, and Endurance.


Unre is typically depicted as a stern-looking woman with widespread arms and large shield. Despite her association with precious metals and jewels, depictions of this goddess usually have only one or two pieces of jewelry.

Traditional Interpretation

Unre is She Who Waits with Patience for the Final Hour. She is cold and unyielding, as the hardest stone, but she is not without blessings to her faithful. Monetary wealth, being made of metal or jewels, is one of Unre’s gifts to the mortal world. Her priests advocate patience and temperance in all things, especially hardships. Her clergy is highly ordered and codified, as is fitting of the Divine Patron of Law. For an Unrenian priest, all things should be set in stone, which is often why philosophical and legal debates can take such a long time, for it is quite difficult to persuade an Unrenian to change something after it has been decided. Unre is also the Keeper of the Dead. When Menran reaps a soul, he escorts it to her eternal halls to rest quietly in slumber for the end times. Her halls are silent, lending a tradition that Unre herself is mute. Scripture notes her as being fiercely protective of the things in her care, including these slumbering souls. This has given rise to the tradition of resurrection being highly discouraged. It is not forbidden, since Unre could stop it if she wished, but the clergy never look kindly on one who returns from her hallowed halls.

Lay Practice

Unre is most often prayed to by merchants, seeking her gifts of wealth, and she is invoked with prayer before every legal dispute. Her tradition dictates that the dead be buried or interred in stone, though exceptions are regularly made to those particularly devoted to one of the other gods.


Temples to Unre are cavernous bunkers built underground. Often the first to be planned and the last to be finished, Unrenian temples are marvels of engineering, and incorporation of the natural stone and sediment of the location is a critical feature of any temple. Nearly all dedicated holy spaces include a records library, even if it's just a few log books for the smallest of shrines.


Winter is the holy season of Unre. It is a solemn season of fasting and remembrance. The solstice is celebrated with a huge, communal feast in honor of all those who have died. Though Menran is considered the god of death, Unre is the keeper of the dead. As such, funerary rites are typically conducted by clerics of the earth goddess.


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