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Brightshore Pantheon

Over the course of mortal history, the gods have taken many forms and been called many names. Each culture has received divine revelations in different forms and interpreted the gods in their own ways. But throughout all of these widely varying depictions, there are two unifying chords that tie all these disparate visions together:

  • There are but four gods
  • The gods are linked to the four primary elements: water, fire, wind, and stone.

The Four Gods

Most of the people in Brightshore worship a pantheon of four deities: Olteus, Ava, Menran, and Unre. This tradition is not native to this continent; the settlers brought these beliefs from their homelands.

The four deities maintain a distant relationship with the mortal world. The only “proof” of their existence are the spells bestowed upon their clerics, and even then there are conflicting theories as to precisely how and from where those powers are granted.

  • Ava is the goddess of Fire, Summer, Destruction, and Inspiration.
  • Menran is the god of Wind, Autumn, Chaos, and Luck.
  • Olteus is the god of Water, Spring, Growth, and Fertility.
  • Unre is the Goddess of Earth, Winter, Law, and Endurance.

Temple Sects

While worship of all four gods is common place, with prayers for specific tasks and events offered to patron deities, it is also common for people to feel a particular draw to one god over the others. Whether this is the deity under whose hour they were born (like a zodiac) or a particular philosophy that aligns well with the god’s teachings, people flock together in worship and community. These groups sometimes form sects, like-minded individuals working together for a common goal underneath the divine patronage of their deity.

Holy Orders

Holy Orders are organizations for those truly devoted to the philosophy and teachings of one god above all else.

Other Sects

Other Deities

  • Vlonthel. A deity worshipped by the ancient Cathornians that resembles Unre.

On the Faith of Player Characters

When playing in the Brightshore, mortal interpretation of the gods is the most important part. All cleric domains and paladin oaths are open to any of the 4 or all at once. We look forward to hearing your explanations of how your character views the gods and worships.

Worship and faith can be an important part of any character, so feel free to come up with a Menranian rogue or Avan wizard. If you don't see something represented in these pages, or want your character to worship an unusual aspect of one of the four, work with James Drury about your thoughts and how we can build that up for Brightshore.

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