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James Drury


As a part of our DM team, I've volunteered for the responsibility of building our pantheon. If you have any questions about the 4 gods, or philosophies and heresies, or how tieflings, aasimar, genasi, warlock patrons or anything else works in the setting, I'm always ready to geek out about this.

As a DM, I plan to include at least a backdrop of this pantheon in most of my sessions. My goal as a DM is to ride that line of immersion in the world and a roaring good time, with just a touch of wholesome D&D goofiness.

As a player, some of you may have already heard of Ixi, the Sun-worshiping Kobold. Ixi is a force in Ixi's own right, and always ready to answer a challenge.

About Me

As a Game Master, I mostly run D&D 5e games, but I also have experience with many other systems, including D&D 3.5, 4e, and D20 modern; Pathfinder; Star Wars EotE; and a handful of sessions in some other systems.

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