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Ancient Cathorni worshipped a being known as Vlonthel who has similar domains to Unre, is depicted as a drow, and is armored and equipped like Ava (when Ava is depicted in humanoid form).

An ancient myth tells of Vlonthel slaying 6 dragons, each with a different weapon. The following details have been discovered:

  • Mozikth the Blue was slain by her spear,
  • Norixius the Green was slain by an arrow,
  • Quespa the Copper was slain by her spear,
  • Drethzeimfaaz the Cobalt was slain by a spell,
  • Nuthraiann the Black was slain by her war pick.

It seems that one dragon is missing from the lore uncovered by adventurers thus far.

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