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Fall of Kintsugi Tower

Nonagon, 24 BY

In Nonagon, 24 BY, blazing lights and blaring sounds were emitted from Kintsugi Tower. The First Council of Brightshore and Jorpot were the first on the scene. A half-hour later, as the situation seemed to be worsening, 36 adventurers ran into the tower to lend aid.

Reports vary widely of what happened inside the tower. The overall pattern seems to be that wild magic reigned supreme. At the end of the incident, there was a sudden surge of magic that spread out from Brightshore, and then Kintsugi Tower fell.

In the aftermath, it was discovered that Orrin and Jacinta had vanished, supposedly into a portal to another plane. Veil Silvershield and Jorpot the Shinyman were killed, along with three other adventurers—Encore, Grenmor, and Nelacar. Zdenko Ryll had lost his life but was reincarnated as a female duergar using magic in Galvan Gost's possession.

Selene and Zdenko announced that the First Council had been planning to step down at the end of the year and, now that they were all that was left of the Council in the town, they would accelerate the transition. Shortly afterward, an election was held and the Second Council stepped in.

Months later, it was discovered that the surge of magic released from Kintsugi Tower when it fell had something to do with the awakening of the warforged in the territory of the Stalwart Shield to the west. Following this came reports of war between the Shield and the warforged.

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