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Selene Skipriver

Female halfling druid


Selene wears a moonstone ornament (a gift from her grandfather) in her wild, frizzy blonde hair. She is very thin, does not wear shoes. She has large, green eyes, tanned skin, and a small, button nose.


Selene is polite, but a bit shy and serious, and seems most at ease when in nature. Being a native of the continent, her Common is strangely accented, and the dialect of Halfling that she and her tribe speak is unintelligible to non-native halflings.


Selene belongs to a tribe of local halflings that befriended the first Brightshore settlers when the town was founded over two decades ago.

Selene became the second newest member of the First Council, having taken the position of Yeoman from her grandfather Forrest after he retired. As Yeoman, she managed the colony’s construction projects and resources, and helped the Marshal coordinate the town's rangers. Her favorite haunt was the forested area in the Park District.

After the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, Selene returned to her family.

Created by Rebecca.

DM Lore

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