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Forrest Skipriver

Male halfling


He is a middle-aged halfling with weathered brown skin and expressive gray eyes. His hair is short and black, except for an area of stark white on the top of his head, where he was struck by lightning as a young man. He wears simple, homespun clothing, no shoes, and carries an oaken staff.


Forrest is fairly reserved and serious when dealing with non-Skipriver peoples. He becomes noticeably more animated and friendly when around his family, or the Founding Council of Brightshore, whom he is more familiar with. He is very curious, loves learning new things, and is not afraid to explore new places, ask questions of new people, and question tradition.

Despite (or perhaps because of) his tendency to question tradition, he takes his role as the Skipriver shaman very seriously and strives always to protect and aid his people. He butts heads frequently with his much older brother, Thunder, who is the leader of the Skipriver tribe.


Forrest is a native Lorican halfling, shaman of the local Skipriver tribe, and grandfather of Selene Skipriver. He served as the Yeoman of Brightshore from 4 BY to 20 BY, until he gave the position to Selene.

Created by Rebecca.

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