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Jorpot the Shinyman

Male goblin bard (deceased)


Jorpot, outcast at a young age for his obsession with magic, was never a respected goblin in his tribe. However, while tracking down a magic coin stolen from him, he worked with Zdenko to bring what Jorpot thought was merely a halfling, but instead was a demon in disguise, to justice. Recognizing his aptitude, Zdenko asked Jorpot to help identify and track magical items. When Orrin asked Zdenko to join him in coming to Lorica, Jorpot also answered the call.

Jorpot was, for more than 20 years, the only collector (and seller) of magic items in Brightshore. He particularly enjoyed seeing ancient magical items. He was willing to identify most magical items for 1 sp and offered to buy most. Due to his relationship with Zdenko, no one attempted to steal from him or cheat him.

Jorpot mysteriously closed his shop and vanished in early 24 BY.


Jorpot was killed during the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, when he ran into the tower to aid his lifelong friend Zdenko.

Created by Marty.

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