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Zdenko Ryll

Male duergar (female body)


Originally a dragonborn, Zdenko took care to keep his silver scales clean and shiny. At 7'4, 270 lbs, he was well-muscled and physically imposing. He had a pair of short horns, which swept back from his head and curved slightly downward.

During the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, Zdenko was killed and reincarnated as a female duergar. He maintains his piercing blue eyes and broken nose (from when he was hit with a mangonel in the Battle of Brightshore), and continues to identify as male despite his female body.


Zdenko is quite jovial and talkative. He spends much of his free time composing (terrible) poems and songs that promote the virtues of order and lawfulness, or trying to convince local bards to perform his works.


Zdenko helped Orrin and Jacinta escape from Vessar and has been aiding them ever since.

As Arbiter of the First Council, Zdenko mediated legal disputes in Brightshore and coordinated with the Marshal to fill the ranks of the local guard post during the period of the First Council.

He is assisted the Second Council with the transfer of power and assumption of their duties.

He was killed by a couatl.

Created by Rebecca.

DM Lore

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