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The Council of Brightshore

After the Fall of Kintsugi Tower, the Council enacted their long-standing plan to turn over the power to the people. Over a month of campaigning and elections, the second Council took over.
In Docembrus of Year 25 in response to the deaths of Margrave Ezra and Marshal Wildeheim, as well as Galvan Gost's resignation, the remaining two council members reformed the government and instated more new laws than both prior councils combined. A new election was held to decide the third council, which they would continue to serve on.

Members of the Third Council

Assistants to the Third Council

Actions of the Third Council

Council Mechanics

There are two different aspects of the Council: laws and mechanics. Mechanics (below) are rules in place set by Weavers, and are likely to evolve as we see how this works in practice. Council Laws are the in-game rules of the Council, and are not set by Weavers, and instead is set by the council itself. Council laws as they originally existed were set by the founding Council and may be changed by subsequent Councils.

  • Council members must spend the bulk of their downtime on council activities. If a character has 10 or more downtime days to use upon completion of a month of adventuring, they may elect to have a maximum of five days of personal downtime which could be used for anything, but must otherwise spend all other available downtime on council business.
  • Council business will be conducted in a special channel.
  • The council will have the full authority of the governance of the town, including but not limited to, laws, budget, diplomacy, and quest priorities.
  • Council downtime will have a wide array of possible uses, to represent the array of resources council members have at their disposal.
  • Each council position has its own portfolio. The council may vote to add, remove, or modify existing positions.
  • Rolls for council activities will generally be done in five day blocks.
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