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Laws of Brightshore

Punishment for a crime can include one or more of the stated punishments, based on the nature of the crime, who or what the crime is committed against, and the criminal record of the convicted. Punishments are determined and issued by the Council. The Council has the ability to determine the most fitting punishment for a crime, including items not otherwise listed.


Disturbing the peace, littering, or vagrancy

  • Warning after first offense. Fines up to 50 gp with each following offense.

Disorderly conduct within a temple

  • Service within the temple up to 10 days. Fines up to 50 gp.

Common Crimes

Harming or threatening a citizen without justification

  • Imprisonment up to 10 days. Damages up to 500 gp.

Blackmail, bribery, forgery, hampering of justice, or use of magic to influence a citizen without consent

  • Imprisonment up to 10 days. Fines up to 500 gp.

Theft of temple goods or offerings

  • Imprisonment up to 10 days. Damages up to double value stolen.

Tomb-robbing or other disturbance of the dead

  • Imprisonment up to 3 months. Fines up to 500 gp. Damages to next of kin of deceased up to 250 gp.

Theft or vandalism

  • Imprisonment up to 1 year. Fines up to 500 gp. Damages up to value stolen or destroyed.

High Crimes

Murder of a citizen without justification

  • Imprisonment up to 10 years. Damages to next of kin up to 1,000 gp.

Arson, poisoning of public food or water, reckless endangerment of the town

  • Imprisonment up to 10 years. Fines up to 1,500 gp.

Enslavement of a sapient being or the trafficking of such a being

  • Imprisonment up to 10 years for each victim. Fines up to 1,500 gp. Damages up to 1,000 gp for each victim.

Espionage, murder of a public official, treason, trafficking of arms or magic with a foreign state

  • Execution or permanent exile.

Foreign Policy

At War with the Drow House Floshem

The Non-Agression Agreement does not apply to this House.

Non-Aggression Agreement

Adventurers who choose aggression towards foreign powers without authorization will be called to justify their actions and be held accountable for them.

The government of Brightshore shall attempt, as much as possible, to resolve differences with its neighbors through civil discourse and merchantile exchange, resorting to force of arms only as a last resort in the face of aggression or in response to moral atrocity. Such authorizations are the exclusive right of the Council to approve.

The government of Brightshore shall not expand its borders by force of arms into territory belonging to another recognized government or people group.

The government of Brightshore will hold its citizenry accountable to these tenets while they are present in foreign lands, up to and including criminal prosecution for unprovoked aggression.

Shadowood Border Agreement

Brightshore recognizes the Eastern Shadowood as territory of the vampire Lord Armastus.
This border extends no further than the west side of Ava River.
All who pass the threshold are at the mercy of the lord's occupying force.
Denizens of Brightshore may approach the gates of Kavonia Ma to formally request passage.

Summer Accord

Brightshore recognizea Summer Camp as an independent entity.
Brightshorean ships are allowed to dock and trade at Summer Camp.
Brightshorean ships and delegations will abide by Summer Camp rules recognizing Summer Camp as a neutral trading location.

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