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Marty Henderson

What I do for Brightshore

I DM sessions and provide advice and suggestions for regions I have worked on, such as the Underdark, Sabisia-Nidia, Avismere, and Prevalen. I also help with administration of the technical stack, such as this wiki.

Who am I in Brightshore

Enkeh Nere, born of Brightshore and unnaturally brass colored hair, is a hurricane of strong opinions, magic, and spear. She runs the Nicked Rock and generally is a pain to the Second Council.

Apple Slicer is a strange, Drow-like Samurai. She's often in company of Rei, the Drow commander, and another Drow simply known as Bob. Together, they explore both the past and the current of the allegedly Cursed City.


Hi, I'm Marty. I moved to the wonderful city of Madison and then work dragged me back to my home state of Iowa. Then, because I loved it so much, I moved back to Madison

I primarily play D&D 5E with my home games, but also have DM'ed D&D 3.5, 4E, and Pathfinder 1 and 2. I also enjoy Adventures in Middle-Earth, Shadowrun, and Legend of the Five Rings.

Outside of gaming, I consult on massive computer platforms for various organizations while I continue my pursuit of the perfect glass of iced tea.

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