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This page is for keeping track of pieces of history and myth that have been uncovered by adventurers, as well as recent important events that have shaped the world.

News & Rumors

Discussion of current events.

Recent History

Events that have occurred since the founding of Brightshore.

Ancient History & Myths

Events that may or may not have occurred in the ancient past.

  • Curse of Min Lue. The ancient story of the Min Lue's fall as described by a phantom cursed to relive it for eternity.
  • Latoro's Ancient Epic. A play uncovered from the ruins of Klamas that details the early life of an ancient king of Cathorn named Oefelion. It is unknown whether this is a work of fiction or non-fiction.
  • Vlonthel and the Dragons. A story about the ancient deity Vlonthel slaying several dragons.
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