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Latoro's Ancient Epic

This is an ancient play from one of the civilizations that predated Brightshore and built on its location. It was recovered from the ruins of the Great Library of Klamas. Following is an account of a performance:

The play was performed on a specially constructed stage over the water where the Park District meets Founders Bay. The audience was seated in wooden bleachers outdoors on the shore. A narrator explained that the play takes place thousands of years ago in the human kingdom that once stood where Brightshore is now, as well as the surrounding lands. There had been a time of great prosperity and peace, but as the play begins, the kingdoms of humans, elves, dwarves, and hobgoblins had fallen into decadence and distrust. As raids from barbarous orc tribes increased, an alliance of influential trade barons rose to defend the kingdoms, converting their merchant ships into vessels of war, and stepping in to fill the power void created by the unraveling council of kings.

The elves opposed the trade barons and attempted to assassinate one of them. This led to a war between the elves and the hobgoblins. Meanwhile, a young half-elf enlisted as a soldier in the human kingdom. The star of the play, his name was Oefelion, and he was portrayed by the talented young actor Benvedere.

As night began to fall, the play approached the much-anticipated climax. Oefelion was betrothed to marry into the family of one of the barons, but the baron opposed the marriage, due to Oefelion's elvish ancestry. The baron arranged for Oefelion to serve on a warship headed through the dreaded kraken's lair. The curtains behind the stage were drawn open, revealing the bay beyond, and the stage was converted to resemble the deck of a ship. Drums represented thunder and fireworks simulated flashes of lightning as the real star of the show appeared – the kraken itself. It was a massive puppet operated by several men, dressed in black suits and masks so as to seem invisible against the dark water behind them. The kraken swept Admiral Rodrick into the sea, and Oefelion dove in to save him. As the young man dragged the admiral back onto the ship, the kraken closed in.

Oefelion saves the ship admiral from the kraken and stabs the kraken in the eye, driving it away. He returns to a hero's welcome and is crowned king of kings, replacing the trade barons.

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