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Tower District

Of all the districts, Tower District is easily the least conforming to any major layout, plan, or even truly homogenization. Large portions of the ancient keep that once stood within the walls had been destroyed, and during its restoration, it was divided into several smaller buildings. Kintsugi Tower, arguably the most splendid part of the ancient keep to survive the destruction, is where the council first elected to meet. Other buildings outside the walls of the keep were claimed for ease of access and to ensure the security of the area. Over the past twenty years, the city has settled and become a bit less haphazard, but the Tower district still maintains its “organized chaos” design.

Beyond Zren Tower, there are several other important buildings. The Arbiter and the law functions of the town claim the Graystone as their headquarters as well as the Jail, while the Marshal and the police forces of the town operate out of a complex called Veil's Mur. Inside the complex is a training yard and a barracks. Within the castle walls is also a stable, mess hall, kitchen, and several large chambers for special gatherings.

Housing is abundant, but odd. A number of beautiful houses made of marble and stone, patched after whatever befell the old city. Not many people can afford the restoration and upkeep, however, those that can have undeniably the fanciest looking properties. At present, all of these wonderful abodes are occupied.

Zren Tower (13)

Named after the legendary wizard Zren Catsa, this dark stone tower is the most striking feature of the Tower District, and possibly the city. It houses the ruling government of Brightshore and contains a weapon of catastrophic power.

Ninseycap's Luxury Imports (15)

Ninseycap's Luxury Imports can be found here. It is one of the only stores in the Tower District.

The Gost Citadel (32, 47)

The Gost Citadel is the largest lot of private land within the city walls of Brightshore. It is located in the heart and center of the tower district and is owned by Lord Knight Sir Galvan Gost, Head to the Knightly Order of the Black Veil. It was awarded to him by the council for his contributions to the economy and positive efforts toward the enrichment of the City of Brightshore.

The Drumlin Estate (53)

Home to the heiress Leslie Drumlin who now owns the family business of luxury imported furniture. Everything from desks to four-poster beds, designs are made into reality overseas and then shipped in on order.

The Dartan Estate (55)

This estate houses a human noble family with the last name Dartan. They are devotees of Olteus above the rest of the Four, an aberration in the normal worship of Brightshore's gods. The current heir is a sickly young man, which leads other nobles to wonder what may happen to the family fortune. They have a daughter named Harriet who was present at the explosion of the Nicked Rock that took place in Oncemas, 23 BY, where she demonstrated miraculous healing powers.

The Graystone (1)

This boring, but well fortified, building outside the castle walls is the primary building for trials, jailing, as well as the repository for officially drafted laws and documents.

There are no dedicated barristers, but some citizens have dual function as both their primary work and barristers, encouraging a “citizen's view” of the law during trials.

Veil's Mur (9, 10, 11, 12)

Other than the Tower, one of the main features of the walled keep that makes up more than half of this district is a large castle. Since the founding of Brightshore, it has been restored from a semi-ruinous state and re purposed into the main headquarters of the Guard, as well as training grounds for both the Guard and, more recently, the Defenders.

The Barracks and Living Quarters (10)

This section of the ancient castle has been made into barracks for the Guard, as well as containing some more spacious living chambers for their upper echelons. For the most part, the rooms are small, cramped affairs, mainly a place for a bunk and a chest to keep your valuables in. It is well guarded though.

The Kitchens (12)

The shortest wing of the castle is that of the kitchens, where daily food and provisions are prepared for the Guard. Many a successful baker or cook who works at the inns and comestible shops in town got their start in these kitchens. There are also living spaces for the cooks and bakers, although they are even ruder than those of the Guard themselves.

The Mess Hall (11)

The largest freestanding room in the entirety of Brightshore is the Mess Hall where Guards start, middle and sometimes even end their day. There is always bread and water on hand and anytime close to breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner, there are even other things to have with bread and water. It's plain fare, but plenty nourishing. Certain areas in the hall are the unspoken territory of certain guards - those assigned to the Graystone sit in one area, those who patrol the River District claim the tables closest to the fireplaces to dry their boots and the night shift does their best to sit anywhere and leave “surprises” for the rest.

The Stable (9)

Although mounted forces of the Guard are rare, other than on parade, they do maintain a small contingent of horses, as much for training as for actual use. The stablehands that don't live elsewhere make their bunks in the haylofts, so there's always someone to be about in the case of thieves who think taking from the Guard is a good idea.

The Gatehouse (unlabeled)

By Orrin's request, the castle's reinforced wood and metal gates are kept open at all hours, even at night, to symbolize the Council's commitment to fairness and transparency. However, those seeking to pass through at odd hours will be very thoroughly questioned and possibly turned away by the guards who patrol the site.

Kintsugi Tower (No-longer Present) (13)

This prismatic tower was once the most startling feature of the Tower District, and possibly the entire city. Three hundred feet tall in total, the structure looked like it suffered a catastrophe but then was repaired not with stone and plaster, but a dazzling array of gems. The combination of drab gray stone with colorful, translucent crystal gave it the nickname of the Scarred Tower among some citizens. Unfortunately, in Nonagon, Year 24, the tower was destroyed, with rubble being all that remains.

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