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Harriet Dartan

Female Human

Harriet Dartan is a young, olive-skinned woman, who was present at the explosion of the Nicked Rock in Oncemas, 23 BY. She was an apprentice priestess at the Temple of Olteus and miraculalously healed the seven people who died there that night through the powers of Olteus. For a while, she spent a lot of her time at the Temple of Olteus, as citizens suffering from injuries and maladies that had long resisted both mundane and magical healing flocked to be touched by her curative hands.

In Year 24, Harriet was revealed to be a follower of a heretical cult of Olteus that believes in “life without order” and seeks to turn all living creatures into one harmonious cancerous blob. She was last seen transforming into an ooze of some kind and escaping into the sewer, after one of her many ooze-like minions absorbed several of her followers.

Created by Dan.

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