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The Arcanum

The Arcanum is Brightshore's University of the Arcane; The Mage's Guild.

Current Member Listing:

  • Arcanum Arch Magus Khedmin Boulderheart (aka Boulder)
  • Arcanum Magus Runt
  • Arcanum Adeptus Vanuath
  • Arcanum Adeptus Kevrik
  • Arcanum Adeptus Knochen
  • Arcanum Adeptus Bill
  • Arcanum Apprentice Gliftrix
  • Arcanum Apprentice GARG
  • Arcanum Apprentice Qieltar
  • Arcanum Apprentice Goldie
  • Arcanum Apprentice Minimus

About The Arcanum:

The Arcanum provides a place of research and study, but also an environment suited to those who dream of unlocking the greatest arcane secrets this world has to offer. The doors are always open and the unseen servants will aid you to find what you're looking for. The Arcanum is an ever-growing campus for hungry minds, but currently it provides a number of resources to the general public which include A Grand Arcane Library, A Small Buy-n-Trade Items Shoppe, and Wizardry School (available by sign up) for children and adults alike.

Becoming a Member of the Guild

If joining the Mages at The Arcanum is a goal of yours, please seek out Arch Magus Boulder. He will guide you through the process of taking your first steps among the Arcanum Magi of Brightshore. Walking this path is not for everyone, but there are several benefits to those who show true heart for the Arcane:

Perks of Guild Membership include:

  • Scrying Well: Guild members gain access to The Arcanum's powerful relic whose waters can reveal what you desire to see.
  • Spell Compendium: As a Guild member, you will have open availability to The Arcanum's pooled resource of each known Arcanum Wizard's Spells, for copying into your spellbook
  • Reduced Research Costs: A waive to the 1 gp/day fee for research costs when you use your guild downtime to research at the Arcanum. (note: this only works on arcane/scholarly subjects)
  • Collaborative Research: Multiple Arcanum members can pool their arcane/scholarly research time.
  • Free Room and Board to Guild Members upon request
  • And Much more to come
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