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Cultures & Factions

Brightshore Guilds & Government

Foreign Factions

  • Aukari. A race of powerful elven druids that inhabit the Aukari Pine.
  • Cult of A'zal. Also known as the Fire Cult. A terrorist organization that opposes the Watermakers in Qatec.
  • House Tariq. A nomadic tribe that specializes in teleportation magic.
  • The Life. A mycanoid society on the southern edge of the Shadowood.
  • Qatec'lan. A multiracial nation of people living in the desert.
  • Red Sash. A militant order of goblins found in the Cathorn Ruins.
  • Stalwart Shield. A militant order of hobgoblins and orcs west of Brightshore.
  • The Three Gears. A company in Vessar that constructs golems.
  • Trenchguard. A society of merfolk that live in the sea near Founders Bay.
  • Vendetta's Army. An army of ancient warforged awakened by the Fall of Kintsugi Tower.

Lorican Races

Temple Sects

Holy Orders

Other Sects

Boulder's Guides

The leader of the Arcanum, Khedmin Boulderheart (known locally as “Boulder”) believes greatly in that knowledge is important and necessary. However, many things in the world cannot be taken at face value and must be studied, distilled, discussed, written, reviewed, and then the cycle all over again.

However, Boulder has written a few select short works on topics for the population of Brightshore to consume.

Of course, if you want to study more, you should join the Arcanum!

Galvan's Guides

The Lord of the Gost Citadel, Sir Galvan Gost owns land throughout the continent of Lorica. These properties host embassies and outposts for his family and staff, allowing the faction welcomed travel and access to a multitude of cultures.

He currently owns Brightshore's most complete map of Lorica, detailed by his formed head mage the late wizard Zren Catsa

If you want access to more culture guides, you should join the Gost Citadel!

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