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Gate District

The gate district consists mostly of modest residences, located close to the city's outer wall.

Outer Wall

Rather than clear what was left of the ruined wall and build a new one in its place, the colonists saved time and effort by building on top of whatever sturdy stones remained. The stones of the wall's lower portion, therefore, are weathered and misshapen, while the upper stones are clean and straight, and an irregular boundary separates the two. The reconstruction is still ongoing, so in some areas the wall is nothing more than a heap of toppled rocks, especially toward the south.

Outer Gate

Although the entrance between the town proper and the farms and wilderness beyond is known as the “Outer Gate,” there is no actual “gate” to speak of. Brightshore has no organized aggressive neighbors, so for now a watchtower staffed with guards suffices to raise the alarm if any wild animals or monsters try to wander into town. The Outer Gate also serves as a clock of sorts, as the guards ring the alarm bell when they change posts every fourth hour.

Tamway's Stable

Tamway manages a large stable in the Gate District. For a small fee, farmers, herders, and other settlers who commute into town to conduct business can keep their horses in the stable. She also has a couple horses and small carts available to buy or rent.

Delilah's Smithy

Delilah owns a smithy next to the stable, where she forges and repairs horseshoes and other useful items. From time to time, adventurers come to her asking for armor or weapons, but, being a devout pacifist, she unfailingly directs them to Sweets Smithy in the Temple District.

Wilgrim & Neslan's Pawnbroking

Wilgrim and Neslan, an enterprising gnomish duo, operate a pawnbroking agency in the Gate District. Rather than do business in the Market District, they opted to set up shop within yelling distance of the guard tower of the Outer Gate, for added security. They offer loans at modest interest in exchange for jewelry, objets d'art, and other valuables as collateral. If the customer doesn't pay back the loan within a certain period, Wilgrim and Neslan claim the collateral for sale. Thus, their office doubles as a shop for an eclectic assortment of valuables. They offer a wide variety of other financial services as well, including banking, appraisal, and insurance.

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