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Market District

Perhaps the busiest district in Brightshore, the Market District is located on the banks of the Olteus River, between the Temple and River Districts, and is where the majority of the settlement's shops are located. Many shop owners also live above or near their businesses, and there are a few buildings that have been converted into small homes.

Construction of stone steps leading down to the river and docks for small cargo boats is soon to begin, but until their completion, many goods sold here are hauled through the streets from warehouses in the Dockyards or brought in wagons from the farms and fields outside the city's wall. Here a traveler can purchase curios and souvenirs, resupply on clothing, boots, gear, and accessories, or place an order for custom-made items. Twice a tenday, an open market is held in the small courtyards between the buildings, for the sale of fresh produce and other simply made goods.

Bennet's General Goods

Store for everyday, mundane items. Run by the Bennet family, who are half-elves.

The Creased Page

Owned and operated by a Nelicano, the Creased Page is the primary source of all manner of parchment, bookbindings, ink, and stationery in Brightshore.

The Creased Page also publishes the Voice of Brightshore whenever Gliftrix submits it. Paper being a pricey commodity, the Creased Page put out only a handful of copies that only the wealthiest readers can afford. But word of mouth spreads quickly in a small town like Brightshore, and inevitably most people have heard the juiciest tidbits within a few days.

Emberline's Herbs and Salves

Herbalist's shop. Owned and managed by Emberline Ash.

The Emperor's Wardrobe

Tailor. Run by Lucius Virion.

Jory's Laboratory

Alchemist's shop. Run by Joraya “Jory” Halverson.

Melinda's Leather Materials

Run by Melinda.

Redwina's Gold and Glittering Trinkets

A goldsmith and jeweler. Run by a dwarven couple, Redwina and Ludo Kraghorn.

The Sugared Plum

A bakery and confectionery. Run by the Dandelions, a family of halflings.

Wilderness Outfitters

Shop for adventuring gear. Run by a group of four humanoids, male halfling Silas, male half-orc Ravvik, female human Kariss, and female kenku Jingle.

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