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Ruins of the Old City

When Brightshore was first founded, it was built on top of the ruins of a much larger city, whose name is now known to have been Cathorn. The ruins of this city to the west of the Olteus River are still largely unexplored and unclaimed. Dangerous creatures of all descriptions have been discovered within.

Multiple parties of adventurers are currently working to tame the ruins, piece by piece.

Below are some of the locations that have been found so far.

Abandoned Manor

A large abandoned structure. Nearby, adventurers Atwood and Zerck are starting a ranch for horses.


A ruined armory in the ruins was found by adventurers. Texts related to the summoning of devils were discovered inside.

Bell Tower

This ancient tower once housed a massive bell. It was recovered by a party of adventurers.

Boar's Sheaf

An ancient shop in which lizardfolk and a banshee were discovered.

Buried Temple

In area M10 of the ruins, adventurers discovered a building containing a large hole leading down to a temple-like structure. They encountered gnolls and a devil within.


A door in the ruins leads to a basement where some adventurers encountered some creepy haunted dolls.


A magical chocolate factory found inside of a restored building in the ruins.

Golem's Tomb

An amulet was found in this tomb and taken to Brightshore, which led to the awakening of a massive golem that destroyed most of the River District.

Kraken Cult

The cult of the kraken once had its headquarters in the ruins by the shore of the bay. In the adventure in which the cult attempted to steal Gombold's ship, the Tide Dancer, the cult was apparently exterminated.

Lightning Rod Building

Somewhere in the ruins is a building found by adventurers that contained a lightning rod and was summoning continuous bolts of lightning.

Manticore Tower

A tower where a manticore and its baby were found.

Marco's Summoning Circle

A stairway in the southeastern outskirts of the ruins leads down into the chamber where Council leader Orrin's son Marco was seen summoning devils.

Medusa's Mausoleum

An ancient mausoleum in the ruins was once inhabited by a medusa and her army of stone-cursed statues and clockwork golems. The stone-cursed and golems were destroyed and the medusa relocated elsewhere.

Mind Masters' Basement

A hole in the ground by the bay leads to a basement where several duergar and a mindwitness were found.

Myrmidon Building

Section N12 contains a large two-story building. Adventurers found several elementals and myrmidons within, going about various tasks, as if programmed.

Red Sash Headquarters

A compound of ruined buildings occupied by the Red Sash goblins.

Red Sash Outposts

  • A Red Sash outpost was established in the ruins a little under a mile west of Brightshore proper. There is a fairly clear road to it about thirty feet wide that snakes to the north and south as it goes.
  • Another Red Sash outpost was found in section P10 of the ruins. Adventurers discovered a mostly intact building that had a wooden tower being built on it with a flag that said, “Death to the Enemies of the Red Sash.”

Sunken Temple of the Sphinx

A cave in the western bank of the Olteus River across from the Market District leads to ancient catacombs containing a sphinx and many undead.

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