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Male vampire

Armastus is an unusually friendly vampire who serves the Duke of Shadow. He claims the Dark Forest as his domain. These days, he seems to spend most of his time in his keep at Kavonia Ma.


Armastus resembles a pale high elf with raven-black hair and blood-red eyes. He typically wears a dark, fur-lined cloak with a tight hood.


Armastus is a gracious host and an all-around pleasant person to be around. It takes a lot to upset him. The minions he surrounds himself with (primarily shadar-kai, some of which he has turned into his thralls, and the animated undead) tend to bore him, so he is always looking for entertainment.

Hobbies of his include gardening (he decorates the interior and exterior of his fortresses with withered, thorny vines and other similar vegetation) and necromantic experiments. He finds typical undead minions (skeletons, zombies) too mundane, and prefers to summon more exotic creatures, like corpse flowers, or to combine pieces of reanimated bodies into new hybrid creations.

Created by Jude.

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