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Young male copper dragon


Gret is on the cusp of adulthood. He turned 100 years old in Fall, 24 BY.

He has the ability to shapeshift. When dealing with humanoids, he tends to take the form of a male elf with rust-colored hair and eyes. He usually dresses in a fine fur cloak.


Like most copper dragons, Gret is fun-loving, talkative, and mischievous. He has a rather bubbly, flamboyant air about him, but can be serious when the situation demands. He loves Brightshore, especially the Wink & Whistle, due to its colorful, friendly atmosphere and entertaining performances.

Loathe to kill undeserving creatures, Gret is a strict vegetarian. When he gets hungry, he typically shifts into his dragon form and munches on nearby bushes and leaves. That said, he does not hesitate to kill creatures he knows to be evil, especially if they're a threat to his cave or to Brightshore.

Gret has been known to send adventurers on quests to keep the area around his cave and Brightshore as safe as possible. Sometimes he even comes along, but he does not like to leave his cave if he has reason to believe there are greedy creatures about that might raid his hoard.


Gret's lair is a humble cave in the woods south of Brightshore. It's little more than a large burrow set into a tree-shrouded hill, overgrown with moss and vines. The walls are bare earth, carved so that the roots of the trees above form a sort of natural support structure. In his main chamber, he has a wooden table and chairs where he likes to entertain humanoid visitors. His bed is a small mountain of ancient copper coins. Another side chamber contains a couple straw mattresses for guests.

After the slaying of the blue dragon Ameot in Tierrios, Gretirrai inherited the loyalty of one of her blue dragonshield kobolds. For the time being, Gret refers to him as “Little Blue.” He considers himself Gret's bodyguard, but to Gret he is more of a pet that he keeps around just for the company and entertainment.

Created by Mat and Jude.

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