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A fey king whose castle overlapped with the Spirit Tree (also known as the Samuin Tree) southeast of Brightshore.

He was married to Queen Zeenith.

Adventurers found a journal of his, which contained the following information:

  • He recognized that this castle was in the exact same location as the Samuin tree but in different realms and that the magical energy on the tree leaked into the Feywild realm.
  • His fairy queen was jealous of the farmers who held a festival every year that she could not attend. He created the Basilica of Dusk that could use the magical energy of the Samuin tree to compel anyone in the castle to partake in festivities.
  • This effect is known as “Garrithuin’s Dusk.”
  • After having the Basilica active for days, Garrithuin was to confront his wife, worried about holding their guests captive to their ever-lasting party. That was the last entry.

Created by Mark.

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