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   * [[brightshore:​pantheon:​olteus|Olteus]] is the god of Water, Spring, Growth, and Fertility.   * [[brightshore:​pantheon:​olteus|Olteus]] is the god of Water, Spring, Growth, and Fertility.
   * [[brightshore:​pantheon:​unre|Unre]] is the Goddess of Earth, Winter, Law, and Endurance.   * [[brightshore:​pantheon:​unre|Unre]] is the Goddess of Earth, Winter, Law, and Endurance.
 +=====Temple Sects=====
 +While worship of all four gods is common place, with prayers for specific tasks and events offered to patron deities, it is also common for people to feel a particular draw to one god over the others. Whether this is the deity under whose hour they were born (like a zodiac) or a particular philosophy that aligns well with the god’s teachings, people flock together in worship and community. These groups sometimes form sects, like-minded individuals working together for a common goal underneath the divine patronage of their deity.
 +====Holy Orders====
 +Holy Orders are organizations for those truly devoted to the philosophy and teachings of one god above all else.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​jesters_court|Jester'​s Court]]. Holy Order of Menran.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​vigilants_of_the_longest_night|Vigilants of the Longest Night]]. Holy Order of Unre.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​seekers_of_the_sun|Seekers of the Sun]]. Holy Order of Ava.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​wellsprings_of_life|Wellsprings of Life]]. Holy Order of Olteus.
 +====Other Sects====
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​fortunate_ones|Fortunate Ones]]. Order of Menran.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​healing_hands|Healing Hands]]. Order of Olteus.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​justicars|Justicars]]. Order of Unre.
 +  * [[brightshore:​cultures_factions:​lamplighters|Lamplighters]]. Order of Ava.
 +=====Other Deities=====
 +  * [[brightshore:​pantheon:​vlonthel|Vlonthel]]. A deity worshipped by the ancient Cathornians that resembles Unre.
 =====On the Faith of Player Characters===== =====On the Faith of Player Characters=====
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