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Reclaiming the Ruins

The ruins on the western side of the Olteus River remain exceptionally dangerous. But Brightshore keeps growing, and as more and more people make their way to the promise of a free land, there is a pressing need to expand and ensure the continued safety of the city.

In order to do this, you will have to use your downtime and your gold to scout the ruins across the river. Once you have declared the grid coordinate you wish to scout, a Weaver will ask you to make a series of skill checks. These skill checks will provide you with necessary information as to what is in the area and what risks you might be facing.

If all goes well, you will be able to tame a portion of the land over the course of several months, earn the gratitude of the people, and make a tidy profit!

Settlement Rolls

In order to successfully establish a foothold in the ruins, you must succeed on a settlement roll. Each settlement roll requires 10 days of downtime for each participating character, and a total of 500 gp. Each of the three skill checks (Investigation, Perception, Survival) can only be performed by an individual character once per settlement roll.

On a percentile roll of 80 or above, a foothold is established. Any result less than 80 means that you have failed to establish a settlement.


Successful Investigation Check vs Square’s DC +20
Successful Perception Check vs Square’s DC +20
Successful Survival Check vs Square’s DC +20
Each Participant more than 3 +5
Each Participant less than 3 -20
Each Additional 500 gp Invested +10
Successful Adventure in This Square This Month +10
Unsuccessful Adventure in This Square This Month -30

Each grid coordinate has its own difficultly level, and while you won't know what's there until you start looking around, it's generally a good bet that ruins nearer to civilization will be easier to settle than ruins further from the city. Here are the different types of ruins, and what it will mean for your settlement rolls:

TypeSquare DCPercentile ModifierComplication (d10)
Easy Ruins DC 10 +10 1
Outskirt Ruins DC 15 0 1-3
Moderate Ruins DC 18 -20 1-5
Difficult Ruins DC 22 -40 1-7
Deep Ruins DC 30 -60 1-9

Settlement Types

Ruins settlements are armed outposts, specifically designed to be defensible in a hostile area. They are also designed to be built quickly, and if you have the gold and the downtime, they can be built rapidly indeed. All Ruins buildings may only be built in the ruins, and have their own contingent of guards to assist in holding the land.

Ruins Vanguard

The most basic foothold in the ruins, a Vanguard is little more than an armed encampment with rudimentary fortifications. It houses six guards.

Requires 30 days of downtime and 200 gp from any combination of players. Can be lost if an adventure around the vanguard goes bad. Can upgrade to an Outpost with 2000 gp and 60 days of combined downtime.

Ruins Outpost

An Outpost uses the natural debris of the ruins to provide material for a basic, circular wall around a series of bunkers. It is much more defensible than a Vanguard. Houses 5 guards, and 5 archers.

Requires 30 days of combined downtime and 500 gp to hold per month. Can upgrade to a Stronghold with 90 days of combined downtime, and 3000 gp.

Ruins Stronghold

Though still a temporary structure, a Stronghold allows for an area to truly be secured. 10 foot stone walls, towers, and large, central tower ensure lasting security. Houses 15 guards, 15 archers.

No longer requires downtime to hold, but requires 1000 gp per month.


The ruins are a dangerous place. At the end of every month, a Weaver will roll to determine if a complication occurs. Complications can result in settlement defense, your settlement being wiped off the map, or any number of other issues that range from minor to major.

Sale to the City

After a Stronghold has been held for three months, you may sell the stronghold to the city for 15,000 gp.

Securing Reclaimed Ruins

The ruins on the western side of the Olteus River remain exceptionally dangerous. But Brightshore keeps growing, and as more and more people make their way to the promise of a free land, there is a pressing need to expand and ensure the continued safety of the city.

Attracting occupants to reclaimed ruins squares requires securing the ruins. Brightshore residents, prospective Brightshore émigrés, and other NPCs will not move into reclaimed ruins squares until they consider the area to be secure.

Securing reclaimed ruins requires a controlled Stronghold in all adjacent ruins squares. For example, the Hall of Hunters reclaimed ruins square S10 but that square will not be considered secure until ruins squares R9, R10, R11, and S11 contain Strongholds. Until then, NPCs will not risk moving into S10, and labor costs will be higher there than in the city to the east of the Olteus River.

Buying Land in Reclaimed Ruins

PCs can buy land in reclaimed ruins from Brightshore's Registrar at a cost of 20 gold per 100 square feet with a minimum lot size of 20 feet by 20 feet. Lot availability and placement is subject to the Registrar's discretion as the city's redevelopment plan designates certain areas for guilds, businesses, residences, parks, embassies, and defensive structures.

Clearing Reclaimed Ruins

Reclaimed ruins lots contain rubble that needs to be removed before structures can be built. The rubble contains large boulders and building fragments, requiring four-person teams to remove. Each four-person team can clear 50 square feet of rubble per day. Labor costs eight gold per team per day in unsecured ruins, or four gold per team per day in secured ruins. Ask a Weaver about labor availability to determine how many four-person teams can be employed.

As an example, a 40' x 40' lot in S10 costs 320 gold to purchase and 256 gold to clear, for a total of 576 gold. One team of four workers can clear it in 32 days, two teams of four can clear it in 16 days, four teams in eight days, etc.

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