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Concerning Brightshore

As the newest of the World Weavers, I don't have much of a footprint… yet! But I hope to get there!!

If you desire to adventure into a realm of druidic controversy, attend one of my adventures into the Aukari Pine: the forest that exists just to the North-East of Brightshore.

Concerning Davidson

My experience with Dungeons & Dragons started with Pathfinder in 2010, but I did not start DMing (Or GMing with respect to Pathfinder) until 2013… I was absolutely horrible when I first started! But through many different ideas, campaigns, and practice, I think I kind of have the hang of things?? Sorta??? But that is for each player to decide when playing at one of my tables!

“What is it like at one of my tables”, you may ask? I would like to think that I am an experienced storyteller and role-player, which I try to use to my advantage when DMing. In my sessions, I aim for a balance between role-play and combat, but combat in my sessions usually gets out of control… I am obsessed with strange mechanics that hum underneath many of my combat encounters. In my opinion, this adds a layer of complexity to fights and can turn a simple combat into an grand array of moving parts. So if you like combat that is off the hook and crazy, you may like my tables!

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