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Patrick Cassidy

Brightshore Stuff

I got into Brightshore when I was talking with Mark about jumping right into DMing, but he advised playing for a while to get the ropes of the world down. After a few months of that I decided to officially DM and then become a Weaver to help flesh out the world!

The reason I like Fifth Edition D&D is because of the flexibility it provides and I try to work that into all of my sessions. My goal is always to make sure the players have fun and create interesting and memorable encounters.

About Myself

I've been playing Tabletop RPGs for over a decade now, ranging from the complexity of early Shadowrun editions or Seventh Sea to the more story focused indie games of Lasers & Feelings and Mothership. I'm really into all the different things a good Tabletop RPG can do and love seeing what players can come up with. I'm also a big fan of board games and I'm always down to to talk about those as well!

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