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The Last Update

Fellow Brightshorians -

We started Brightshore over two years ago with a few people in the back of I'm Board's Middleton store, dreaming of a city where a few players would have persistent effects but could play with a few different DMs. None of us anticipated over 100 players and having an average of 34 players a day, and often with a waiting list. To say a community came together to play doesn't even begin to explain how massive, involved, exciting, and fun this was.

The world moved from 6 parts of a town of 4,000 souls to criss crossing all of the continent, fighting krakens and dragons, peering into a mysterious war in the past, learning of battles beneath the surface, and ancient prophecies impacting the world.

As we moved into the pandemic and in-person play stopped (for the good of us, our community, and everyone around us), the community still wanted to play. So with that, many people took to “side games” taking part in Brightshore-adjacent games. Though not canon to Brightshore itself, they kept us together as a “Brightshore Community” through a difficult time for many of us. Even as the pandemic starts to ease and vaccinated individuals can return to some in-person interactions, the community continued to embrace on another as fellow Brightshore players.

However, as we were volunteers under I'm Board's aegis, we are subject to the decisions of I'm Board. I'm Board has decided to change their model of how to deliver D&D to the Madison area and it is incongruous with how the Brightshore model works [Rather, how the previous volunteers wished it to work. The Brighshore setting is owned by I'm Board LLC and core concept remains unchanged - Ed.]. With that, Brightshore and all it's player-built stories and lore are available for viewing, but this wiki has been placed into read-only mode and all changes must be made through I'm Board directly. There will no longer be canon Brightshore games by the original volunteer leadership - though I'm Board may offer Brightshore games or perhaps will find new volunteer leadership in the future.

It's been fun for all of us. Many in the community have found other homes in the area - feel free to reach out to old friends in the community! As the last person with access to the wiki, I wanted to make sure, personally, that the community was aware and know just how much we all value one another.

May we see you on the winds!


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