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Charm Bracelet of Dreamless Spells

Type Wondrous Item
Rarity Uncommon
Attunement By a spellcaster
Creator Jesse

When you attune to this bracelet, you add one spell to your list of known spells for each charm affixed to the bracelet. The spells you learn depend on the charms. To cast one of these spells, you must prepare it and expend spell slots and components as normal. Preparation is required for classes that prepare spells.

You cannot scribe Dreamless spells. The only way to learn them is to attune to the bracelet.

If you remove the bracelet or cease being attuned to it, the spells are removed from your list of known spells and, if you prepared them, they are no longer prepared.

If you find other Dreamless charms, you can add them to the bracelet, but the bracelet cannot hold more than three charms at a time. Once attached, a charm cannot be removed from the bracelet.

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