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Type Bracelet/Anklet/Armband
Rarity Uncommon
Attunement No
Creator Nickolas

A cold iron armband with long needles on the interior. It is worn by Shadar-kai to stave off effects of the Shadowfell and preserve their souls from corruption so they might be saved. Through a conduit of pain, the Shadar-kai find their focus.

Legend Lore: A Shadar-kai soul cannot be reincarnated like those of other elven kind. If a Shadar-kai elf dies outside the Shadowfell, their soul will either corrupt into something like a Wraith/Banshee/Meazel or it will be lost; forever reducing by 1 the population of the Shadar-kai. Wearing this item allows a Soul Monger to come and collect the deceased Shadar-kai's soul and bring it back to the Shadowfell. This is why most Shadar-kai choose not to go to the material plane, despite being able to have their youth and elven beauty returned to them.

Your maximum hit points are reduced by an amount equal to your level until this item is removed. You gain advantage on Wisdom saving throws, cannot be possessed, and cannot become undead. If you die while wearing this item, your soul is bound in place until it is removed.

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