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Golden Shard

Type Wondrous Item (small splnter/fragment)
Rarity Legendary
Attunement Yes, if another Golden Shard is not already attuned
Creator Nickolas

A shard of golden material which contains a powerful and otherworldly energy. It is said to be just a small fragment of what was once the weapon of a god.

The shard can only be attuned by embedding it inside of your body or an item as an action. By embedding it in yourself or by wearing/wielding the item you are immediately attuned. The time it takes to remove the shard from an item is at the discretion of the DM, as well as any damage removal causes.

A delicate or brittle item may break or tear when the shard is pulled from it. If there is no easy way to access the shard then an item may have to be broken open. A creature will have to be cut to pull the shard out. This may not cause much damage if done with proper medical equipment, but if they are carved open with a longsword then appropriate damage should be applied.

At the time of embedding, choose 2:

  • Attack Rolls
  • Damage Rolls
  • Saving Throws
  • A Skill/Tool

By consuming a hit di, you may add 1d10 to one of the roll/check/saves that were chosen. A single shard cannot add more than 1d10 per roll/check/save.

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