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Hammer and Anvil of the Earthen Bulwark

Type Wondrous Item
Rarity Legendary
Attunement Requires attunement by someone proficient with smith’s tools
Creator Mark

The plain black anvil is unremarkable save for small dwarven runes engraved in its base, though the silver armorer’s hammer is more ornate and also engraved with ancient runes of power. The anvil was designed to be portable in order to take advantage of shifting earth nodes. This hammer and anvil pair was used by countless master smiths to forge magical armor of peerless quality. This legendary hammer and anvil were lost to the dwarves with the fall of Khern Lodar, and has since receded into myth.

As an action, you may clutch the hammer and call forth the anvil in an unoccupied space you can see within 5 ft of you. You may also use an action to touch the hammer to the anvil and cause the anvil to disappear.

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