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Isgalor, Hydra’s Bane

Type Weapon (Greatsword)
Rarity Rare
Attunement Someone proficient in greatswords
Creator Mark

Elven runes line this magical adamantine blade, and it shimmers with a faint green-black sheen. The massive mithril pommel is worked in serpentine forms, while the thick crossguard depicts the long necks and open mouths of a hydra. Additionally, the blade of this sword pulsates with heat and it sears all that it strikes for 1d6 fire damage.

The Fenstrider’s blade laid countless monstrosities low. He, armed with this blade, is known to have single-handedly killed the beast of Il’inthara.

Hydra’s Bane: This blade craves battle, and it is driven to seek out and destroy the biggest threats on the battlefield. When fighting a huge or larger sized creature, you can use a bonus action to expend a charge and draw upon the strength of the blade. For the remainder of your turn, your strength modifier is +6 (if it is not already higher) and you do an additional 2d8 slashing damage. The sword has three such charges, and regains all of it’s charges at dawn.

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