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Mantle of the Alpha

Type Cape/Cloak
Rarity Rare
Attunement Yes
Creator Nickolas

Creation of Kithlord Fortryllende of the Dyreriget Domain, this dark cloak is made from the cured hide of a shadow mastiff pack leader.

Once per day as an action, you can command the cloak to transform you into a Shadow Mastiff Alpha. The transformation has no time limit, but otherwise functions as a druid's Wild Shape. You can use a bonus action to revert to your normal form.

While inhabiting the form of the Shadow Mastiff Alpha, you can travel in the Shadowfell without fear of succumbing to any effects of Madness.

CURSED This cloak is cursed with the essence of a Shadow Mastiff Alpha, and becoming attuned to it extends the curse to you. Until the curse is broken with remove curse or similar magic, you are unwilling to part with the cloak, keeping it within reach at all times

If you remain in Shadow Mastiff Alpha form for more than six hours, you must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, the transformation lasts until dispelled. You can't willingly return to normal form. Only remove curse or similar magic will allows you to return to normal.

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