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Merciful Verdict

Type Weapon (Longsword)
Rarity Rare
Attunement Lawful Creature
Creator James

This gleaming steel longsword is hefty, but it's simple, exquisitely balanced design and comfortable, leather-wrapped handle make it easy to wield. The crosspiece is inscribed with a draconic script that says, “The weight of each swing cannot be disregarded by you or me.”

The first time on your turn that you hit a hostile creature with a melee attack using this weapon, the sword gains a charge. It can hold up to five charges, all of which are lost after one minute. Gaining a charge resets the timer, even if the sword cannot gain an extra charge.

When this weapon has one or more charges, all attacks with it are considered non-lethal. As a bonus action, you can expend 3 charges from the sword to cast Blinding Smite.

When you score a crit, you can expend any number of charges from The Iron Quill. For each charge you use, select a creature within 30 feet. They regain hitpoints equal to 2d8+the number of charges Merciful Verdict holds.

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