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Needle of the Mánnimloth

Type Wondrous Item
Rarity Rare
Attunement No
Creator Davidson

This 2-inch-long, spectral blue, glowing pine-tree needle brings serenity to those who look upon it. You may speak the incantation while focusing on a creature who’s name you know, as an action, which expends a charge. Upon completion of your chant, the needle will awaken in the form of an ethereal grasshopper in your open palm. The grasshopper will take flight and begin speeding towards the creature of your focus with a flying speed of 400 ft per round – leading you to the creature’s location (if physically reachable). Should you lose sight of the grasshopper, or the spectral blue trail that remains visible up to 200ft behind it, for more than 6 seconds, the grasshopper will dissipate, and the pine needle will reappear in your pocket. This item contains a maximum of 2 charges. This item will recharge 2 charges at the beginning of the next day. If the pine needle contains no charges, it will not glow and appear to be a normal pine-tree needle.

This item can locate the remains of a deceased creature. Should the item be used to locate a creature that is not physically reachable, the grasshopper will lead the user to the last physically reachable location the creature would have been. This item is only usable in the Aukari Pine.

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