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Nuthixa's Amulet of Control

Type Wondrous Item (amulet)
Rarity Rare
Attunement yes
Creator Mark

This amulet is infused with traces of General Nuthixa’s power. It appears to be the blackened bones of a single finger, fused together in an adamantine setting and on an adamantine chain.

Twice per day, you can as an action draw upon the traces of Nuthixa’s power to summon a two foot tall wooden doll with long blonde hair, that looks like it has been left out for a season. Once it has been summoned, you can use a free action to issue it general or specific orders, which it will follow to the best of its ability. After one minute, the doll turns to ash and vanishes.

The amulet regains all of its charges at midnight.

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