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Phoenix Egg

Type Wondrous Item
Rarity Legendary
Attunement Requires attunement by a Warlock with the Phoenix patron
Creator Jude

As a bonus action, you can sacrifice one of your unspent hit dice to touch one willing creature and change the damage type of all spells it casts and all attacks it makes to fire until the start of your next turn. Weapon damage from this effect is considered magical.


Suzaku (a warlock PC in Hon'ni who serves the Phoenix) obtained this item after the party subdued the “Dark Phoenix” (the corrupted version of his patron). Like a normal phoenix, when it was defeated, the Dark Phoenix reverted into its egg form. However, since the phoenix was corrupted, the egg too is corrupted and is in a kind of stasis. It does not turn back into a phoenix after a few days or deal fire damage to whoever touches it, as a normal phoenix egg would.

This is a quest item concerning Suzaku's backstory. The rarity does not reflect the power of the ability itself.

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