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Reflavored Items

A number of magic items in Brightshore are just straight reskins of regular items. They are listed here.

Axe of the Iron Citadel

This is a Berserker Axe of greataxe size.

Greataxe of Korazak

This is a Giant Slayer of greataxe size.


This is Hew.

Keylock Stone

This is a Pearl of Power that is also a plot item.

Ribbon of Disguise

This is a Hat of Disguise as a ribbon.

Staff of Hollowing

This is the Gulthias staff.

Stodenmire's Cape of the Mountebank

This is the Cape of the Mountebank, but dark gray and the smoke is gray and doesn't smell of sulphur

Victory Greataxe

This is a Greataxe +1.

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