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Singing Ring

Type Ring
Rarity Common
Attunement Yes
Creator Jesse

While this ring is within 5 feet of you, you can spend a short rest telling it to sing up to six phrases, none of which can be more than six words long, and set a condition under which the ring sings each phrase. Alternatively, you can teach it couplets, which consume two phrases, must rhyme and are no more than twenty words long.

You can also replace old phrases or couplets with new ones. Whatever the condition, it must occur within 5 feet of the ring to make it speak. For example, whenever someone touches the ring, it might say, “Buy me, please.” The ring’s phrases and couplets are lost and reset to the defaults when your attunement to the ring ends. It contains the following default couplets:

  • When seen by someone in a relationship: “How I long to linger/on your sweetheart's finger!”
  • When seen by someone not in a relationship: “I'll be sweet and fresh/wrapped around your flesh!”
  • When seen by someone who is pregnant: “There's no doubt and there's no maybe/the three of us are having a baby! Yippee!”
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