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Soul Monger's Pendant

Type Wondrous Item (Pendant)
Rarity Rare
Attunement Yes
Creator Nickolas

The aching void within a soul monger radiates outward, manifesting as an unbearable weight that drains the vigor of anyone unfortunate enough to be in its presence. Those who have escaped the onslaught of a soul monger can hardly shake the memory of the sound it makes—the moan of a tortured soul, lost in a bottomless well of tragedy.

Wave of Weariness: Once per day, the Soulmonger projects weariness in a 30 ft radius, excluding creatures of their choice. Each creature must succeed a DC 15 Constitution Saving Throw or take 4d10 Psychic damage and suffer 1 level of exhaustion. Creatures take half damage with a successful save.

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