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The Fanciest Boots

Type Wondrous Item (Boots)
Rarity Rare
Attunement Fey, elf, gnome or half-elf
Creator James

The wearer of the boots can use an action to change their appearance to that of any other footwear they can imagine. This effect ends if either boot is removed.

While wearing and attuned to these boots, you may apply your proficiency bonus to ability checks that involve dancing. The boots allow the user to cast four spells, each once per day, but only at certain times. Each spell cast this way has an additional somatic component of dancing, though the form this dance takes is determined by the user so long as it moves their feet.

  • Midnight – Dawn: Misty Step
  • Dawn – Noon: Blur
  • Noon – Dusk: Spiderclimb
  • Dusk – Midnight: Enthrall
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