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Tsochari Infection

Wondrous Item, Rare, (requires attunement by inserting through an orifice)

The Tsochar are a kind of synthetic parasitic aberration that infest the bodies of other creatures to manipulate them, spy, and steal secrets on behalf of their masters who created them. Tsochari are community organisms consisting of many thickly coiled veiny strands that end in a barbed cluster. They are as strong as iron cable and become more intelligent as they congregate.

Tendril: As an action, you can allow a veiny tendril of violet hues to erupt forth from you, inflicting 1d8 Necrotic Damage which cannot be prevented. At the start of each turn the tendril is released, you take 1d8 necrotic damage. It takes an action to retract the tendril.

As a bonus action using the tendril, you may make an unarmed strike or grapple check with a reach of 15 feet. The unarmed strike deals 2d8 damage and the tendril's escape DC is 14. A grappled target is considered restrained.


  • You cannot end attunement to this item except through dispel evil and good or remove curse.
  • The Tsochari Infection despises humans. It will constantly whisper in its host's mind, encouraging them to harm humans nearby. If the tendril is released and the attuned creature does not use a bonus action to attack, the tendril will attack any human in range of its own volition.
  • Everything the attuned creature does is transmitted to Sara, a fiend in Nevara's Eastern Wilds.
  • If the attuned creature dies, they become a Dolgaunt (Eberron, pg. 290) immediately.
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