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Hardwick Fairbeard

Male human


He stands 6'2“, usually wears a plain brown coat, has dark black hair and a striking blond beard.


There's very little about seamanship or the sea that Fairbeard doesn't know, but he tends to overplay his comic side and delights in small mischief. He is however a master captain, tactician, and excels at handling larger warships

In general, Fairbeard is fairly live and let live. If something doesn't directly impact him, he tends not to pay it too much mind. But he enjoys messing with people, his crew included, and those who know him know that his promises to feed people to the sharks, toss people overboard, are lighthearted and not orders intended to be followed. Those who know him also know that his mood can swing as wildly and violently as any sudden squall. These foul moods pass quickly though, but Fairbeard never forgets anyone who wrongs or insults him, and for those individuals, there is no playfulness to offer to feed them to the sharks.


Fairbeard sails the flagship of the newly formed Defender Navy, the warship Albatross. The crew is of Fairbeard's own choosing, and are all trained both for the sea and for war.



Fairbeard did whatever the Council wished him to do. The first mission the Albatross undertook was the Jungle Expedition, and Fairbeard figured that shuttling adventurers around was as likely as not to lead to excitement. Otherwise he could generally be found in the Nicked Rock or walking around the docks gossiping with sailors and other captains.

Shortly after the Second Council took office, Fairbeard took the Albatross and left Brightshore.

Created by Mark.

DM Lore

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