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Jebidiah Bravemarch

Male dwarf

First mate of the Eel under Captain Marxa.


Jebidiah flaunts his flamboyant style with a blue greatcoat embossed with gold buttons. His unruly red beard is tied into three braids. He dual wields a barnacle-encrusted shortsword and a hand crossbow.


Jebidiah is the “nice cop” to Marxa's “bad cop.” He maintains morale aboard the ship with his jovial, easy-going personality. He has a gravelly voice with a bit of a “Celtic” lilt to it.


Greta, Marxa's cook and surgeon, is a longtime friend of Jebidiah's. They joined Marxa's crew together.

Jebidiah has a sister named Brytfa who also lives in Brightshore.

Created by Jude.

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